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Doggy DIABETES  101



Definitions Related to Diabetes 

Hyperglycemia: a high blood sugar (glucose)

Hypoglycemia: a low blood sugar (glucose)

Insulin: a naturally occurring hormone in the body that keeps the blood sugar normal

Diabetes: too little or ineffective insulin in the body resulting in hyperglycemia

Carbohydrate: the amount of sugar and/or starch in food

Early Signs of Diabetes

Frequent urination

Increased thirst

Increased hunger

Weight loss

Decreased energy levels/being sleepy

Diagnosis of Diabetes 

Who makes the diagnosis? A veterinarian will collect your dog’s blood or urine to see how much sugar is in the sample

Diagnosis by blood: hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels in the blood

Diagnosis by urine: high sugar levels spilling into the urine when the kidney filters it out of the blood

What Causes Diabetes?

The body loses the ability to make enough insulin from the pancreas


The body makes insulin from the pancreas but the insulin made is not working anymore


Insulin: When the body is not making enough insulin or the insulin being made doesn’t              work correctly, more insulin needs to be given externally (i.e. insulin shot)

Food: Carbohydrates naturally occur in foods and are important for living a healthy life              Insulin: Given to match the number of carbohydrates in the prescribed dog food

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